At Gino's Mobile Paint we specialize in minor automotive repairs.  From scratched and scuffed bumpers, quarter panels, doors and hoods to vehicle touch-ups and rock chips.  Remember when your vehicle was brand new?  We can get it back to that in 1 day or less.   Don't trade it in for a new vehicle!  Just make it look like you did.

• Free Estimate
s  /  We’ll meet with you and learn about the history of your car. Our technicians will then prepare a detailed estimate of what they’ll do to restore your car to pre-accident condition.  We can't give you a price without seeing the damage first, but just to give you an idea of what we typically charge, all of the work below was done for $125.00 to $250.00
• Paint and Finish  /  We only use the best quality Diamont paints to ensure optimum gloss and durability. Colors are mixed by factory computer codes and then custom tinted by a trained technician to match your vehicle’s specific color.
Car Dealerships trust us to take care of hundreds of cars every month for them.  Now you can too.

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